Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dentist Visit

As I mentioned, I went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning. It was a mixed experience - part painful, part encouraging.

First, I ended up having to wait for a little bit before my appointment. As I was sitting there captive, listening to the music they pipe in, I got thrown a curve ball. The song Don't Know Why by Nora Jones started playing. This song is significant because my wife sang it at Karaoke on a cruise we took, so it always makes me think of her, and it reminds me of her beautiful voice and how pretty she looked that night.

I damned near started crying right there in the waiting room. I desperately wanted to get out of there, but I couldn't. I was trapped, and it was downright miserable. I swallowed the lump in my throat, choked back the tears, and tried to think about other things until the song was over.

Finally my turn came and I was able to escape purgatory. My hygienist came out, greeted me with her usual stunning smile, and invited me back.

Now, in the spirit of disclosure, I should say that I've had a "thing" for my hygienist for about the last 2 years. That may sound juicy, but it's fairly innocuous. She's happily married, as I was I, and it's something that both my wife and daughter teased me about - an open secret, as it were. Some people are just naturally sexy (it's something about the way they carry themselves). She is one of them.

During the course of our conversation, she asked me when my wife would be in. I had to explain that I didn't know, and then a little bit about why. She was absolutely shocked. Her words were "I can't believe that! She was just in here a while ago and she was telling me how wonderful you are!" I should start a club for people who are baffled by this. The membership would be huge.

During the course of the cleaning, at one pause, I tell her to make sure to give me a pretty smile because I'm going to need it now. Much to my surprise, she responds by saying that I already have a great smile, and there's nothing she needs to do. It made my day. :-)


Dream Reader said...

So apparently you are attractive to other women, huh? Married or not, being noticed by the opposite sex makes you feel good. It gives you a little ego boost. Right now, honey, I think you need it. This is just one more reminder that there is life after your wife. Smile pretty now;-)

Wounded Heart said...

"Attractive" is a very subjective term, but you are right about it making me feel good. Everyone wants to know they are attractive to the opposite sex - I'm no exception to that.

And for the record, your comment did make me smile.