Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Farewell My Love

This morning, I wrote another poem. I even gave this one a title. I call it "Farewell My Love", and I thought I'd share it.
Farewell My Love

Why have you done this?
What did I do?
Wasn't I always
A good man to you?

Wasn't I there
When the going was rough?
Didn't I help you
When things seemed too tough?

Who are you now?
I don't really know.
Who is this person
You've chosen to show?

Who is the real you
Deep down inside?
Where is the woman
You're trying to hide?

Where are you going?
What do you do?
I can't figure it out,
And that makes me blue.

But life must go on.
Time doesn't stand still
While I fear that you won't,
But hope that you will.

So now I release you
And hope that you'll find
Whatever you seek...
What you see in your mind.

Farewell my love
We had a great run
At times we shared sadness
But most of all, fun.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, even though it's sad. I lost a loved one to death. I know the deep down feelings of missing someone so much it hurts. Some days are easier than others, but ultimately the pain is there. How you deal with the pain is key to moving forward in a positive way. I strive to think of positive memories to help me. I have not had a relationship with anyone else for over 30 years. I don't know if I'll have one in the future. I am not used to being alone. One lesson I've learned at this time in my life is "Live for each moment in the moment" I used to make plans with my husband for when all of our children were out on their own. One of our five still lives with me. She's a college student. I don't know what the future will bring. I enjoy the relationship I have with my children and grandchildren. My husband was 51 years old. I'm not yet 50 but sometimes feel older. I hope I'm not sounding boring or preachy, that's not my intent. I hope each day you can find something very positive to reflect on to help you in this time of sorrow. Whether you lose a person to death or through separation it's hard. Here I am almost two years after my husbands death still trying to settle things within myself. You have given me strength with documenting your feelings and sharing them. I was a very private person and just recently have I shared some of my innermost feelings. I hope you find peace in your heart and soul. I hope your children will always lift up your spirits. Most of all I hope your life will move into a happier time sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

i just read through all of your posts again for a review, its really hard to believe that you started writing this all month. the poem is great, very good that you can continue to put words to what you're thinking and even cooler that you manage to rhyme them.

hopefully your needs will begin to be met outside of your relationship with your wife and you'll get out and do more things.

loss is hard, grieving the loss of a loved one who leaves you is sometimes harder than death, i say this cautiously having gone through both things. my point is that when someone dies even if its suicide, they're gone, you have no choice but to eventually work to let them go. when you are left by your love and they're living their life without you that's just so terribly painful.

i hope you continue to work through stuff and just be for a bit, not worry about the days to come, just live for now and enjoy doing things you maybe haven't in a long time.

Dream Reader said...

That was beautiful. Now the hard part is going to be doing what you wrote. You can do it!
We're here for you :-)