Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One More Chance

It's late afternoon, and I find myself falling into the "if I only had one more chance" trap. If she just gave me another chance, I'd make her see...

I wouldn't say I was/am a bad husband. I'm not husband of the year or anything, but I don't think I was bad. I mean, I suffer from the laziness common to a lot of men in the United States. I didn't clean up after myself, I didn't help with the housework, and I was generally unappreciative. It all seems so silly to me now. I'd happily do every bit of housework until the wee hours of the night if I could then crawl in bed beside her. (Men take note!)

Perhaps foolishly, I still hold out hope. It's still not too late to go back. In my heart, I'm hoping that she'll "come to her senses". After all, she is still struggling to get equilibrium with her thyroid hormone levels.

In early summer, she was diagnosed with Grave's Disease, and in concert with her Endocrinologist, we decided to pursue the radioactive iodine treatment to kill her thyroid. I hope that she'll get her thyroid levels under control (as of last week, they were extremely high), see what life is like outside our little family, and decide that it's worth it to work things out.

Maybe even more foolishly, I saw a shooting star a few days ago, and I made a wish. I think you know what I wished for. So far, no luck - but tomorrow is another day.

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