Thursday, December 28, 2006


Some days are up; some days are down. Today is sort of in the middle. I'm not as positive as I was yesterday, but I'm not as negative as the day before. On the plus side, I feel a lot better physically - much as I suspected I would.

Sometimes I find myself feeling down, and it's really frustrating for me. I know I need to let go, but I just can't seem to do it. Then I get a little angry at myself for being weak, and yes, even a bit pathetic.

For now, I'm content that the lows are no longer quite so crushing, and the highs are a little more frequent. As with any roller coaster ride, the scariest part is the first drop.


Dream Reader said...

Well, believe it or not you're sounding better. You are sounding like you're going to make it. There are still going to be bad days as you mourn your loss. Just as in death you have to mourn before you can go on. Also as in death, each day will get a little easier. I hope you keep up the blog so we continue to watch you heal. Good luck to you
Oh and BTW, I hope the whole God thing wasn't offensive to you. I would never try to enforce my beliefs on to you or anyone else. My beliefs are just that; mine. I will continue to Pray for you because that's what I do, and hey, it can't hurt, right??

Wounded Heart said...

Things are definitely improving. As they say, time heals all.

I don't take any offense at all to the "God thing". Indeed, some of my best friends are very deeply religious. I understand that coming from someone who is a believer, religious comments actually convey sincere well-wishes, and I appreciate it. I have even been known to use religious references to help friends whom are religious get through troubling times.

I don't personally believe, but I understand that other people do. I also don't like liver & onions, but if I were hungry, and someone offered me their liver dinner, I would be deeply honored at the gesture. It's a question of substance over form.

Thank you for continuing to watch me heal.